Last night was the first of our Halloween training as we wanted to brush up on our skills and use some of our exciting new products that we have got in especially for Peaches and Scream!! So Kate being Kate wanted to show us the most amazing demo that she had been up since 6am researching for our casualty MASTERCLASS! As you can see from the pictures she turned Rosie into a one eyed Burns victim with the remainder of her face stapled on!! This is a popular look for Halloween at Peaches -  gory but still with a fab smoke on!!

We then all had a go on each other with Dax Kate's other half kindly volunteering ( obviously he had no say) the use of his bald head which makes the perfect blank canvas for practising bullet holes , cuts and other wounds! We experimented using derma wax, latex, staples, stitches, bruise wheels and lots of blood! We also tried out a specialist ' eye blood' which looked really effective despite mixed reviews about whether it was comfy or not!

Hope you all enjoy this weeks Halloween make ups we'll have lots more to show you in the run up to Peaches & Scream!