Brush away the cobwebs , let the vampires return to their coffins , put the witches broomstick back in the cupboard and blow the candles out on your pumpkins because the full moon has set on another amazing , spectacular ,  Peaches and Scream ! We hope that we have impressed our fans and followers on social media and beyond with this years take on Halloween , from our amazing and spooky spin on Walt Disney " Distorted Disney" , including some of our favourite princesses transformed into Halloween Queens , to the more child friendly and hilarious remake of everyones favourite Ogre Shrek and his gang . We certainly enjoyed entertaining our customers and clients visiting the shop and we always relish the chance to transform those booked in for special effects make-up into the main attraction at their parties and events . So as we all clean the fake blood off our brushes and put the prosthetics back in the cupboard for another year , please sit back , don't be scared and have a look at the snap shots of our amazing , horrifying and  hilarious creations !! Thanks for all you support and interest .

The Peaches ! xxx