I really can't believe how quick the past year has flown! On last Sunday we all went to Knowsley Hall for our annual Christmas night out. Sticking to the Monte Carlo theme I opted for a full length sparkly fushia gown with matching pink glitter lips and hair that touched the roof of the taxi! Half the staff didn't recognise me as the same girl that barely manages to wear mascara most days!!!
All the Peaches looked absolutely gorgeous.... But that's nothing new! The Dodgems though! Now they were something new.... You couldn't keep us off them! I'm normally a bit of a safety freak but what seemed like a good idea after a few wines nearly cost me both of my knee caps! By the end of our session I was hiding around the edge of the track desperate to get off! I think there were definitely a few bruised peaches on Monday morning! We had an absolute ball though and still managed to dance till we dropped! Enjoy the pics xxx