At Peaches, we love meeting new people and yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Dominique who is a local inspiration. It was Dominique's first time being Peached for her birthday yesterday and we soon got chatting about how familiar her face was!

Some of you may already know about her story, but here it is...

Over Christmas, Dominique was out in Preston, where she lives, with her friends. When it was time to go home, she realised that her purse had gone missing and there was no way for her to get home. A homeless man, Robbie, approached her and offered his last £3 to help Dominique get home. Over the next few days, Dominique and her Mum tried finding Robbie to repay this kind gesture and when they did, Dominque decided she wanted to help him.

Dominique started out to raise money for Robbie by spending 24 hours living homeless. She set herself a target of a couple of hundred pounds, but it wasn't long before she realised that her mission was receiving more support than expected. Dominique was featured in the news and carried on gaining more awareness for Robbie.

Dominique told us that living homeless for 24 hours was really difficult. "Every couple of hours, the Police would come and move us along." Dominique completed her challenge and spent the night with other homeless people, as Robbie would have done. She had a target of a few hundred pound, at the end of her mission, Dominique had raised £47000 for Robbie. She managed to help him find somewhere to live with his money and has changed Robbie's life.


It was so inspiring to listen to Dominique's story yesterday at Peaches, we hope you had a lovely birthday,

Lots of Love, The Peaches xx