Last Friday Morning, Kate and Nic held another Peaches Enrichment Session for us Peaches. This time, we had to design and develop a campaign for a Peaches perfume! In two groups, we had to come up with a name, product, scent, advertisement and overall campaign for the perfume, which was later to be pitched in 'The Peaches Boardroom!'

We set off into our two groups 'The Fabulous Four' with Casey, Kya, Rosie and Laura and 'The Brand' with Kre, Ella and Bec. Casey's group worked on bringing the Peaches & Cream iconic girl to life and painted Kya's hair pink, they even brought in Rosie's cat Mr. Boo! Bec's group created a perfume called Daydreamer and had Ella model for the advertisement using flowers and lots of Peaches Balloons.

After all the had work and creativity, we sat back in The Boardroom were Kate and Nic reviewed our work. We Skyped our judges Rose and Jack, and presented our Perfume Campaign to them with the winning team being...THE FABULOUS FOUR with their perfume Peaches & Dream!

We were all really competitive with the perfume enrichment and things became really tense at times, but it was exciting to work together and fun creating such a fab idea! Xx