In the past two weeks, we have held over 10 Contour Workshops over the course of four days. If you didn't already know, the Contour Workshop consisted of learning how to contour different face shapes and how to create a simple smokey eye, then you were able to create the full look on yourself while being mentored by our fab team of Make Up Artists! Not to mention the Krispy Kremes you have on arrival!

At the moment there is a big hype for the contouring techniques, we are all inspired by the likes of The Kardashian Clan who all have perfectly defined faces all down to a simple technique...Contouring! We thought it would be a good idea to give all the secrets away and help everyone in learning this new skill!

The Contour Workshop was fun for the whole Peaches Team and we all had our own little jobs and tasks to keep the class running nice and smoothly, plus we all had more than our fair share of Krispy Kremes!

Click below to watch the video on The Contouring Workshop!