Over the past few days, Peaches has launched lots of new dates for future Masterclasses and Workshops. To break down all the information and explain everything for you, below is a list of all the exciting things happening in Peaches over the next couple of months! To book on any of the following classes, call us on 0151 227 1669!



On the 27th of May we have a Hair Masterclass! The group lesson involves learning three different hair looks over the course of three hours (approx.) In previous Hair Masterclasses the groups have learnt a variety of techniques and styles which include; Wedding Hair, Prom Hair, Ariana Grande Style Hair, twists and braids and intricate updos! It's £30pp and this class is perfect for professionals and people who just love hair! Feel free to take pictures, make notes or film the class!



On the 9th of June the doubly whammy Masterclass is taking over Peaches! The class consists of learning all three make up looks by our lovely make up artists, and then you also get to learn a variety of different hair techniques which include how to apply a weave, how to create the perfect up do and loads more little Peachy tricks. This class is also £30pp and is great for everyone... whether you're a hairdresser or hoping to go into makeup, a beauty enthusiast or if you're just looking to learn for yourself!



The Contour Workshop is NEW to Peaches with a different style format to the Masterclass. The Workshop will be running on the 11th and 16th of June. In the Workshop, you get to learn how to contour for different face shapes, what contouring products to use on different skin types and you also get to practise yourself! So after learning all about contouring, you practise your new skills on yourself while being mentored by the Peaches MakeUp Artists! The Workshop is £30 and is perfect for MUA's and people who want to learn more about makeup.



The MakeUp 1 on 1 Lessons run Tuesdays-Thursdays every week! They are £25 per lesson and in one lesson you get to learn how to create a full make up look of your choice! The MakeUp Artist teaches the make up step by step on half of your face while you practise on the other half. We recommend bringing a model to practise on so that you can see what you're doing however it is not compulsory! This is great for girls who want to learn how to do their own make up for the day or night or for makeup artists.



Hair 1 on 1 lessons run Tuesday-Thursday every week too! It is £40 per lesson and the lessons are 1 hour long. It is compulsory to bring a model with you on the hair lesson so you can see what to do. You can learn one hair style per lesson and it's great for hairdressers who need to scratch up their current knowledge, or for girls wanting to learn how to style their own hair!