At Peaches, we have lots of different Hair and Make Up Classes available for professionals and all those who are just passionate about hair and makeup!

This Summer we have...


Hair Masterclass 7th July - In the Hair Masterclass, you get the opportunity to learn three different hair looks that are most popular at Peaches! We teach you how to apply weaves and ponies and give you lots of tips and tricks! This class is £30 per person and lasts around 3 hours long!


Carnival Workshop 16th July - Our newest workshop yet, Peaches brings the fun and atmosphere from festivals and carnivals, whilst incorporating make up! This workshop is full of colour and perfect for those who want to let loose, for make up artists with a more creative side or who want to learn more dramatic looks for their festival clients! There will be music, dancing, cocktails and make up...what more could you want!!! This class is £40 per person and will last around 3-4 hours long.


Contouring & Strobing Workshop 21st July - We have developed our most popular Workshop to include the latest technique in the make up world...Strobing. In this class, you learn how to contour different face shapes using different products and also a simple smokey eye. You will also learn how to strobe which is a new technique which involves the highlighting of the face! After your demonstrations, you will have the chance to practise your new skills on yourself with the help of the Peaches Make Up Artists! This class is £30 and lasts around 3 hours.


Hair & Make Up Masterclass 5TH & 11TH August- The oldest Masterclass at Peaches and a favourite, is a combined class of everything Peach! You will have the chance to learn three of our signature make up looks along with a variety of hair looks including weave application, Updo's and perfect Peach hair! This class is £30 and lasts around three hours.