Yesterday Rosie and I were watching some amazing SFX and Special Effect make ups by a Blogger by the name of 'Ellimacs SFX Makeup' on  Youtube and we were really inspired! I have never worked with SFX or Theatrical Makeup before but I could feel my creative juices flowing and had to have a practise for my first Halloween at Peaches. In particular, we were both loving the Alien creature created by Ellinor (see below for our Ellimacs inspo.) Rosie had created a similar style make up last Halloween, so felt confident in recreating this style, whereas I felt like I was jumping straight into the deep end!

We started by cutting and sticking cotton wool pads and tissue paper to our face with Latex glue which was so weird! Layering it all together and painting over it with Special Effects Face Wax, I felt like Picasso with Rosie being Monet whipping paint in all sorts of directions! After we created our base, Rosie and I started working differently, while I was creating two rows of teeth, Ro was opting for a more reptile version of Ellinor's Alien. After we covered our face, it was time to paint our new 'skin'. Rosie went for greens and browns to go with her reptile theme while I opted for browns and mustards with lots of blood! It was so much fun even though it was hard to breathe with all that latex on my face, I was proud of my first ever Special Effects Make Up...however peeling it off was another story!!!