Today I wanted to practice using another prothetic sculpting gel that I bought from Imats. Its flesh coloured so looks more realistic than the clear/white version of 3rd degree that I used for poison ivy yesterday. Sorry If I've lost you with all this sfx jargon. The sculpting gel consists of 3 different components that when mixed together form a thick gel that can be sculpted onto the skin to create 3d effects. It then sets to a hard gel that can be painted.

The system that I used today is available to buy from Guru makeup Emporium a one stop online shop for all your makeup needs.

Rosie my sister (our online store manager) was eager for a chance to get in my makeup chair with a grotesque google image for inspo. With the help of Kre & Nic mixing up pots of the gel we created 2 eye holes then dribbled it across the lips to close them . With sculpting gel you really need to be patient for it to set.... something Nic finds hard ha ha. Once set I added colour and details using a skin illustrator palette. These are fab once they dry as the don't rub off on contact which does mean red raw skin when you scrub it off!

Finished off with 2 backcombed bunches she was ready to hit the Sweeting Street Alley to strike a pose!

Something a bit more scary in contrast to yesterday's Sexy poison ivy...

Enjoy the pics.... Keep your eye on the blog we are just warming up!

Big Peach x