At Peaches, we always have classes available for Make Up Artists and Hairdressers, or even those wanting to learn for themselves! Here is the list of classes available at Peaches this November...


Hair & Makeup Masterclass 11th November at 10am and 1 pm

The Hair & Make Up Masterclass is a Peaches classic were you will learn 3 different make up looks (full smokes, half smokes and glitter smokes) and you will also learn about the world of hair! We will show you some hair styling and you will also learn all about the hair products available at Peaches. This class is £30 per person, lasts around 2 and a half hours long and is demonstrations only.


Hair Masterclass 12th November at 2pm

The Hair Masterclass is one of the more popular ones at Peaches, being the only group class for hair! The Hair Masterclass is on for 2-3 hours and you learn three different make up looks in the class. It isn't hands on, however you will go away having learnt loads! The class is £30 per person and is great for hair dressers who are wanting to learn more looks for their clients.


Make Up 1 to 1 Lessons

The One to One Make Up Lessons run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday all year round. The lesson is £25 and lasts around one hour long. We teach you, step by step, one full make up during the lesson with you practising on your model (If you cannot bring a model, you can practise on yourself.) You can book more than one lesson at a time however we recommend using different models per 2 looks.


Hair 1 to 1 Lessons

Like the Make Up 1 to 1 Lessons, the Hair runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Hair Lesson is £40 per person and again is demonstrations only. You will learn one look per lesson and you have to provide a model for your class. After the lesson, we will talk you through all the hair pieces too as many hair dressers use the hair pieces when creating up do's! The Hair 1 to 1 Lesson is again, 1 hour long.