Peaches and Cream
With The Peaches team ever growing, we have lots of new appointments on offer in the salon! From Hair to Make Up, Peaches offer a large range of Lessons, Masterclasses and Appointments for you to book!

If you are interested in booking in at Peaches & Cream, the full range of appointments are as follows;

Make Up Appointment - We do Make Up Appointments all year round Tuesday through until Saturday. A Make Up is £38 and takes half an hour!
Hair Appointment - The Hair Appointments are available all year round too for £35 and can take anywhere from 30 minutes up to 1 hour.
Redeemable Make Up Appointment - These appointments are with our Junior Make Up team and can be booked in Tuesday through until Friday. They are £25 and you can get that back in products! These Appointments are available until April 2016.
Redeemable Make Up Lessons - These lessons are available for any beginners or people wanting to learn how to apply their own make up. The Lesson is £25 and Runs on a Wednesday and Friday with our Junior Make Up Artist. You receive £25 worth of products after your lesson!
Make Up 1-1 Lessons - These run on a Tuesday to Thursday all year round and are great for everybody. They are £25 and you can have more than one lesson at a time. These lessons last 1 hour.
Hair 1-1 Lessons - These lessons are 1 hour long and run all year round on a Tuesday to Thursday. The lesson is £40 and you need a model.
Masterclasses - We do all sorts of Masterclass at Peaches which are advertised on our Social Media, The Masterclasses range from £30-£60 and last a couple of hours long.
If you wish to book or enquire about any of the above classes, call us on 01512271669 and our Reception Team will help you out!