Everyone loves coming to learn at Peaches and we love teaching all the new tips and trends in the Make Up World. This Spring, we have more Classes available then ever before! From our infamous 1-1 Make Up Lessons, to the new Face Sculpting Workshop, our classes are not to be missed!

See the full break down of Classes below...


Make Up 1-1 Lesson - The Make Up 1-1 Lessons run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and are £25 a Lesson! The Class lasts one hour long and you learn one look per Lesson. During your Lesson, you will have the opportunity to practise step by step a full Make Up Look on one half of your face while we teach you on the other half! Alternatively, if you are a professional and wanting to learn for your clients, you can bring a model along with you and practise your Make Up on your model!


Hair & Make Up Masterclass - The Masterclass is on the 27th April at 10am, 2pm and 4pm and is £30 per person. The Class is around three hours long and you will learn three different Make Up Looks and three different Hair Looks too! This Class is demonstration only, however you can film and take notes during!


10 Years Younger Workshop - The 10 Years Younger Workshop is on the 12th of April at 2pm and will be on for around 3 hours. You will watch a demonstration on a make up and then have the opportunity to re-create this look on yourself or a model. The Class is £35 and seats can be purchased via our website. This Class is great for maturing women or for older clients who want to look younger!


Face Sculpting Workshop - This Workshop is on the 13th of April, one at 9.30am and one at 2pm. This Class is £35 and is similar to the '1O Years Younger Workshop' with its layout. You will watch a demonstration and then re-create the look on yourself with the help of our Make Up Artists. This Workshop is all about learning how to Sculpt, Highlight and Contour your face!


Advanced Cut Crease Masterclass - The Cut Crease Masterclass is on the 3rd of May at 6pm and lasts for one hour. You will watch one full demonstration with a full contoured base for £25 (There is no hands on work in this Masterclass.) This Class is for Make Up Artists or someone who feels they are more experienced. You can book this class by visiting our website!


Make Up Masterclass - The Make Up Masterclass is at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm and is £30 per person. The class duration time is two hours and is all demonstration only. You will learn three signature Peaches & Cream Make Up Looks (Classic Smokey Eye, Glitter Eyes and Spotlight Smokey Eyes.) This Masterclass is perfect for everyone of all levels and you can book on by visiting our website!


If you need anymore information on any Classes at Peaches, call us on 0151 227 1669 or email our Reception Team at reception@fabulousmakeup.co.uk