Before it sells out (which happens with all our bundles) I wanted to tell you all about our matte pigment trio and how to create a full smokey eye using just three colours! Here at peaches we do love our shimmers and glitters but we are also fascinated with the queen of matte - Kylie Jenner. So if your are loving her look, you’ll be in love with our trio of mattes that are a must have for any makeup kit!

To create this smokey smouldering matte look, our pigments - LUNA, KIM and SOUL were used. Yes, just three colours! The Peaches & Cream Matt Trio comes at the price of £12, giving you a total saving of £8.85 if you bought the pigments individually at £6.95 each!
Lets start with LUNA - This pigment is the Creme Brûlée of our collection. Its creamy tone is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and tear duct.
Next is a Peaches must have - KIM! Its burnt orange colour is reminiscent of the Grand Canyon Rocks, with the earthy tones suited to all skin types. The perfect colour for summery day to night time looks.
Finally, we have SOUL - an essential dark chocolate pigment to create depth and colour for that smouldering smokey look.

As you can tell we love our products here at Peaches & Cream and want you to know all our tips and tricks on how to use them. So heres a step by step guide on how I created the Matte Trio smokey eye:

1.Prep - Peaches & Cream Eyeshadow Primer ( £5.95) is a must have before creating any look. A thin layer of the product needs to be applied all over the eyelids, right up to the brow bone and underneath the eye. It helps the Pigment colour glide on nice and strong and it stops eye makeup from creasing.
2.Highlight - Apply Luna along to brow bone and to the inner corner of the eye.
3.Add Colour - Apply Kim underneath the lower lashes , extending the colour out to the outer corner of the eye then blend the colour across the socket.
4.Mixing Colours - Mix Kim & Soul together to create a rich chestnut brown pigment. Repeat step 3 using this colour, however only take this half way across the socket.
5.Add Soul - Using a smudger brush work Soul into the roots of the upper and lower lashes. Then blend a small amount of Soul into the outer corner of the socket.
6.Lid colour - Apply Luna to the centre of the lid to brighten the eyes.
Finally, I finished the look with a thin gel eyeliner by Maybelline, Maxfactor False Lash Effect Mascara and pair of No.9 Peaches & Cream Lashes!

The Peaches & Cream Matt Trio is available to buy online and in store for just £12!

If you'd like to learn more about our products and how to use them please visit our You Tube Channel Peaches Makeup Liverpool or alternatively you could book onto one of our makeup workshops. Click here to find out more!