Glasgow Pop Up 2016 is another adventure to add to the Peaches & Cream timeline! After our first Pop Up in Scotland last year, we couldn't resist visiting again and this time, with lots more pink and craziness!

After an eventful drive up to Glasgow on Sunday with a bus full of The Peaches, we finally arrived at Apartment 29 in the heart of the city where we transformed the venue into a Peaches paradise with pigments, glosses, compacts and all things pink! Devon and Kre had the job of the masterclass room, Laura and Shannon were setting up their weave cave for all the Peachy hair, Alice and Rose creating a mini make up shop, Kya and Rosie organising all the lists and admission and Big Mare doing what Big Mare does best…making us all howl with laughter!

In the morning, we finished creating our balloon ceiling for the entrance and finished the final touches before we opened the Glasgow 2016 Peaches Pop Up! Needless to say, we did spend half an hour taking hundreds of selfies! With the first masterclass starting at 10am, we took one last snap and started welcoming all the shoppers and customers. Big Mare and all her energy got turfed out onto the streets to spread the word about Peaches’ Glasgow takeover, while the rest of us danced around the Pop Up with arms full of swatches!

There were a number of ways for guests to enjoy the pop-up. You could buy a ticket just to shop and pick up your favourite things, and you could also book onto a series of hair and make-up masterclasses to learn how to achieve all of the Peaches classic styles.

Make-up masterclass guests were given a goodie bag of some of the Peaches essentials, here's what we included...
We were so pleased to be able to include a Garnier Micellar Water in the goodie bag because it's one of the most used products in the shop kit. For those of you that haven't used it yet, this micellar water is brilliant for removing make-up quickly and gently. Applied onto a cotton pad, it will remove even eye make-up. It's something that the girls always use in the salon, and make-up artists should all have something like this in their kit for quick make-up changes on shoot or backstage.
Next was Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. An iconic serum, this is designed to be used to repair and replenish the skin at night. I personally use it twice a day and find that it leaves my skin very plump, hydrated and reduces redness. But why I really wanted to have this in the goodie bag is because it doubles up as the perfect remedy to resurrect drying make-up. Working in the beauty hall allows me to experiment with lots of different products. One of the best tips I was taught by Sammi from the Birmingham Estee Lauder team was to press a few drops of ANR into my skin halfway through the day. The hydrating qualities of the serum will give your make-up a dewy finish and leave it looking freshly applied.
(All of the Peaches would like to say a huge thank you to Garnier and Estee Lauder for enabling us to share some of our favourite skincare pieces with the Peaches guests.)

We also took a range of Peaches products to the Pop Up, including the full range of our fabulous pigments in 23 different colours, ranging from our matte browns to the sparkly pinks! Our Contour Kit was also available and is definitely a best seller for the Glasgow Pop Up! We took lots of our famous Peaches ponys and weaves which seemed to be a real hit too!

During the day we never stopped laughing, Rose managed to find a fake cow and sat on it as if she was going horse riding, Big Mare fished out some white extensions and gave herself a mullet and we had a visit from a little Chihuahua Rolo!

We loved Glasgow Pop Up round 2 and we can’t wait for the next Peaches Pop Up…any guesses where it will be?