On Wednesday we held this months final SFX workshop! I couldn't wait to turn Liv into Cher from Clueless with a Peaches & Scream twist of course.

Racking my brains for ways in which Cher could 'injure' herself I settled on a sfx classic- a 'fluffy' pen through the nose. (Please note do not try this at home! Sticking things up your nose is not a good idea! )

It's safe to say the finished results brought the house down.

Kre also attacked Devon with latex producing a horrifying Harvey Dent style creation.

After the demos our students took to the floor producing some really gruesome effects. In particular it was great to see some of the younger members really getting stuck in.

If you didn't manage to get to one of the Sfx workshops you still have time to book a one to one sfx lesson at the salon next week. This can be done by calling 01512271669. Alternatively we also have lots of sfx materials on sale in store that our staff are able to advise on .

For more info on our upcoming workshops click here.