This weekend in true Heidi Klum style I started my Peaches & Scream Halloween makeover prep. I've been unable to find pre made prosthetics for my character so I'm going to attempt making my own. Which means making a cast of my own face to use as a base for modelling my character features.

So after a trip to Cass Art shop in Liverpool One to buy supplies I gave my husband a quick crash course in what to do so he could help me.

First we smothered my face in aliginate leaving nose holes so I could breathe. The aliginate sets fairly quick and is great fun to work with. I forgot to mention don't forget to protect your hair by wrapping cling film around it.


Once the aliginate had set we then covered it with a layer of plaster bandages for support. Also leaving holes for the nostrils to breathe.


Once hard enough it's time to tilt your head forward slowly prizing the edges of the aliginate away from your face. With the help of gravity and abit of face twitching it falls away naturally to reveal a freaky looking impression of your face.


It's then time for the final step. Fill the mould for with plaster of Paris.... destroying a few household items in the process.


Allow to dry out and go hard for a few hours then peel back the plaster and the aliginate to reveal your reflection.

IMG_1478 IMG_1479 IMG_1480

All ready now for modelling I've left her chilling out on the rug in our lounge. I will be taking you through the next step of the process later on this week.

Please note this is by no means a face casting lesson and I would not recommend anyone try this at home unless they received professionally training as 1. It can be dangerous as you could potentially cover your airway and 2. The casting process lasts 30-45 minutes during which time you could feel quite claustrophobic.