Our favourite month of the year is now upon us. October see's lots of clients embracing Halloween and booking in for themed makeovers... which I do my best to 'bagsie' for my column. This weekend I was lucky enough to get two victims for my creations. One Nanny McPhee style old lady complete with a hairy mole I made from Derma wax and fake hair, and another Zombie Nurse with stapled open eyes made from silicon sculpting gel. Both characters although completely different looked equally amazing and it's such a rewarding feeling seeing the clients faces when they are finished ready to go win the best dressed competition full of confidence and attitude. Over the next two weeks we will be running sfx makeup workshops and masterclasses where you can learn how to make realistic wounds, scars, burns and zombie flesh using a wide range of materials that we provide. To find out more, or to book click hereIMG_0978IMG_0725.