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So yesterday I held a Hair Masterclass focusing on braids.

In this class we included many different types including ;
-rope braids
-waterfall braids
-Halo braids
-Elsa braids (which is basically a braid down the middle with staggered curls blended in softly decorating the out side!)

At the class I demonstrated not only how to create the look with numerous different types of extra hair but explained in detail how you would create the same look with all different lengths an thicknesses.

At the Class I gave tips on how to overcome the problem all hairdressers have of "where do I start" and "and how to master making the impossible ,possible by having the confidence to create personalised amazing hairstyles .
I love sharing all my experiences

If you feel like this is a class that you will benefit from and you and want to come and learn for yourself you can book on to the next class which will be available mid January
We also offer other specialist hair Masterclasses specialising in
-Natural hair
-Peaches hair piece master class
If your a beginner, newcomer or a makeup up artist wanting an insight into how to do a mixture of peachy hairstyles I'd highly recommend attending the mixed hair master class which is normally held every last Thursday of each month.

Thanks to our fab model Apollonia , the hair for each of the styles we used is listed below ;
First pic - Swedish blonde flicky pony (which is our classic piece we would add to any hair up )
Second pic - Swedish blonde flicky weave (great thickness to create a perfect chunky waterfall braid )
Third pic - natural blonde ombré one piece
And a bleach blonde (These are our newest addition to the hair range easy to apply for halo braids , half up half down an great to add into updo's as an alternative to a pony!)
If you are interested in hair pieces for your self or for your salon email

hope you love the styles as much as we did😀